Small Animal Food & Treats

Linkpet small animal food and treats range comes from more than 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing blended pet foods. Our blending plant mixes, cleans and packs the food all in one process, ensuring freshness.

Foods are cleaned of dust and most are treated with small amounts of vegetable oil to lend a rich, attractive appearance. We have foods designed for all the common vegetarian small mammal pets (these are listed below). Our guinea pig food is blended for the animals need for vitamin C (guineas are like humans in that they cannot synthesize their own vitamin C). All our foods take account of the natural, 'wild' diet of the target species.

Rabbit Original
51089: 1.25kg (PK.9)
51013: 12.75kg (ONE)
Fruitti Rabbit
51028: 2kg (PK.6)
51027: 12.75kg (ONE)
24 Carrot Rabbit
51024: 2kg (PK.6)
51023: 12.75kg (ONE)
Guinea Pig Original
51049: 1kg (PK.12)
51015: 12.75kg (ONE)
Fruitti Guinea Pig
51021: 2kg (PK.6)
51020: 12.75kg (ONE)
Fruitti Rat
51018: 1kg (PK.12)
51017: 12.75kg (ONE)
Hamster Original
51083: 1kg (PK.12)
51014: 12.75kg (ONE)

Fruitti Hamster
51062: 1kg (PK.12)
51022: 12.75kg (ONE)

Tropical Fruit Cocktail
51718: 250g (PK.12)
51720: 5kg (ONE)
Fruitti Chinchilla
51041: 1kg (PK.12)
51014: 12.75kg (ONE)
Fruitti Chipmunk
51006: 1kg (PK.12)


Fruitti Sticks Wildberry
Cocktail for Rabbits,
Guinea Pigs,
Hamsters & Rats

18204: 80g (PK.7x2)
Fruitti Sticks Fruit
Salad for Guinea Pigs

18205: 90g (PK.7x2)
Fruitti Sticks Fruit
& Vegetable for Hamsters

18206: 80g (PK.7x2)
Fruitti Sticks Apple
& Carrot Cocktail
for Rabbits

18207: 90g (PK.7x2)



18410: Mix-Xies Beetroot Brunch for Small Animals - 95g (PK.6)
18412: Mix-Xies Corn Crunch for Small Animals - 100g (PK.6)
18413: Mix-Xies Lite Bite for Small Animals - 65g (PK.6)
18414: Mix-Xies Garden Gourmet for Small Animals - 90g (PK.6)
18415: Mix-Xies Harvest Munch for Small Animals - 90g (PK.6)
18411: Mix-Xies Fruitti Bites for Small Animals - 100g (PK.6)
18422: Mix-Xies 24 Carrot Crunch for Small Animals - 100g (PK.6)
18313: Veggie-bix Carrot Variety for Small Animals - 95g (PK.6)
18310: Veggie-bix Carrot, Corn & Veg for Small Animals - 95g (PK.6)
1831x: Veggie-bix Beetroot Variety for Small Animals - 95g (PK.6)

- Mixed Cobs for Small Animals
42017: (PK.8x3)


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