Pond Fish Food

Linkpet pond fish foods bring added pleasure to keeping a fish pond. Feeding the fish brings them to the surface where their brilliant colours can be better appreciated.

Our fish foods are designed to float. This further encourages the fish (Koi and other carp included) to feed in full sight. It also allows the consumer to gauge the uptake of the food, thus helping to reduce over feeding and to monitor the health of their fish.

Premium Pond Multi Mix
40607: 5kg (ONE)
Premium Pond Flakes
40654: 10kg (ONE)
Peaches & Cream Sticks
40656: 5kg (ONE)
Premium Pond Multi Mix
Value Bucket

40615: 5ltr (PK.4)
Pond Flakes Mixed
Value Bucket

40630: 500g - 5ltr (ONE)
Peaches & Cream
Value Bucket

40709: 5ltr (PK.4)

Goldfish Flakes
40800: 50g (500ml) (PK.12)

Tropical Fish Flakes
40802: 50g (500ml) (PK.12)


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