Cat and Dog Food & Treats

Linkpet dog foods and treats are formulated for both working and pet dogs alike. We have diets for working dogs, with meat and cereal, and for pet dogs with flavoursome ingredients.

We also have a wide range of treats, training aid tit-bits and occupying chews. Linkpet cat food is loaded with tasty nutritious ingredients such as meat, poultry and fish. These elements bring a good balance of vitamins, minerals and energetic fuels.

Premium Chicken & Rice
53424: 800g (PK.12)
Tasty Dog Rings
53415: 800g (PK.12)
Cat Complete
53609: 700g (PK.12)
Pig's Ears Large
20102: Loose (PK.50)
Sow Ears Extra Large
20108: Loose (PK.25)
Elephant (Pigs) Ears XXL
20202: Loose (PK.25)

Deliciously Natural
Pig's Ears

20101: 3 PCS (PK.20)

Tripe Sticks Pre-Pack
20125: 100g (PK.20)
Bacon Rashers
(Parma Ham Strips)

20308: 125g (PK.18)

Parma Ham Bones
Large 2-Pack

20292: (PK.18)

Mega Meaty Ham
Bone Extra-Large

20296: (PK.14)
Whole Parma Ham
Bone Large

20299: (PK.18)

Parma Ham Meaty Bites

20294: (PK.20)

Semi-Moist Chunks
20306: 300g (PK.12)

Semi-Moist Chunks
Assorted Flavours

20307: 250g (PK.12)


Bow Wow Maximus
2BW352: (PK.24)
Bow Wow Delicious
2BW353: (PK.24)
Bow Wow Venison Stick
2BW427: (PK.24)
Bow Wow Goose Liver
2BW352: (PK.24)


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