Cage & Aviary Bird Food & Treats

Linkpet cage and aviary bird foods and treats are carefully formulated to appeal to the bird and the consumer. The foods are specified to be both nutritious and interesting for the bird.

There is a wide range of ingredients from sunflower seed and peanuts through to banana and chillies! And as you can see the packaging is not dull either!

Fruitti Parrot
50707: 1kg (PK.12)
50706: 12.5kg (ONE)
Fruitti Cockatiel
50734: 1kg (PK.12)
50736: 12.5kg (ONE)
Fruitti Monkey Nuts
50905: 750g (PK.6)
Budgie Original
50552: 1kg (PK.12)
Cockatiel/Parakeet Original
50556: 1kg (PK.12)
Monkey Nuts Original
50911: 1kg (PK.6)
Peanuts in Shell
50913: 12.5kg (ONE)


Tropical Fruit Cocktail
Fruitti Sticks, for Parrots,
Parakeets & Cockatiels

30100: 130g (PK.6x2)
Fruit Cocktail Fruitti
Sticks for Cockatiels,
Parakeets & Lovebirds

30102: 130g (PK.6x2)

Fruit & Berry Cocktail
Fruitti Sticks for Parrots,
Parakeets & Cockatiels

30103: 130g (PK.6x2)

Kiwi & Apple Cocktail
Fruitti Sticks for
Canaries & Finches

30105: 60g (PK.8x2)
Fruit Cocktail Fruitti
Sticks for Budgies

30106: 60g (PK.8x2)


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