Wild Bird Peanuts & Sunflower

Our range of peanuts and sunflower seeds are carefully selected to provide a wide variety of wild birds with a high energy food source.

Whole peanuts and sunflower seeds are ideal for feeding from feeders, especially during the breeding season, whilst our peanut nibs can be safely fed all year round from feeders, tables and the ground:

Best Peanuts
50903: 600g (PK.12)
50889: 750g (PK.12)
50909: 2kg (PK.6)
50899: 4kg (PK.3)
50900: 25kg (ONE)
Peanuts Original
50901: 25kg (ONE)
Peanuts Nibs
50897: 25kg (ONE)
Black Sunflower
50735: 1kg (PK.12)
50754: 12.75kg (ONE)
Sunflower Hearts
50965: 12.75kg (ONE)



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